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About Us

Legend Design was founded in 1992, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Legend is a lending studio in fine & high quality stationery design. Because we handmade the products in house, we can give our customers many small & flexible choices.

Legend Design has been featured in magazine such as AmericaBaby, Modern Bride, Gift News and industry sources such as Greeting Etc. 

Toronto is such a multiculture city, Legend tries to mix many cultural icons & materials to get a new balance design. The icons reflect the know and the material the emotion. We believe a little touch with a bit of heart can bring a smile in your face.

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About Washi 

Washi   is the   Japanese word   for   the   traditional   paper made from the long inner fibres of three plants, WA meaning Japanese and SHI meaning   paper.   


About History

Though paper  was originally made in China in the first century ,the art was brought to Japan in 610 AD by Buddhist monks who produced it for writing sutras.

By the year 800, Japan's skill in papermaking was unrivalled, and from these ancient beginnings have come papers unbelievable in their range of colour, texture and design.

It was not until the 13th century that knowledge of papermaking reached Europe 600 years after the Japanese had begun to produce it.

By the late 1800's there were in Japan more than 100,000 families making paper by hand. Then with the introduction from Europe of mechanized papermaking technology and as things "Western" became sought after including curtains (not shoji) and French printmaking papers(not kozo),production declined unit by 1983 only 479 papermaking families were left. Today the few remaining families stuggle to compete in the world market with handmade papers from India, Thailand and Nepal, where a lower cost of loving makes it possible to produce papers more cheaply.

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